Another thing I adore aside from weddings and music is fine art. I love decorating my home with paintings. Some of my friends think it is some sort of a whim. They don’t understand how I can spend hundreds of dollars on buying them when there are hundreds of prints and photos available three times cheaper. Dear friends, these things just don’t compare! Cheap prints will never give you the incredible vibrancy and color of oil paints. When you look at a painting – at an actual painting – you can feel the warmth of the artist’s hand, you can feel the emotion they were sending you. The palette, the brushwork, the texture… If you have hand-painted canvases at your place too, you’ll understand me!

Today, I want to tell you about yet another artist who is now the ‘resident’ of my VIP club 🙂 His name is Leonid Afremov Rings any bells? Don’t worry, I never heard about him either. Until I ran across his works in the web. I wasn’t even specifically looking for something like that. Just doing my routine night surfing 🙂 And there it was – a bust of color. An explosion of light! A rainbow of romance… I won’t keep telling why I loved Leonid’s paintings so much. You can see it for yourself by visiting the artist’s online gallery. By the way, that’s where I bought one of his pictures. I’m gonna tell you all about it in a second 🙂

At first, I was afraid to do it. After all, there are so many stories about internet scams. Some of the people I know learned it from their own experience. I didn’t want to repeat their fate! Although everything seemed quite reliable, I was still having back thoughts about Afremov and his store – it would be a shame to lose a quarter of my monthly income in some shady transaction! But, after quite a bit of hesitation, I decided to take the risk. And I didn’t regret it!

  • First of all, I hit a maaassive discount! Instead of paying over $700, I received a premium-quality painting for just $150!
  • The canvas arrived real fast. I expected it to take for about a week, but it was just a matter of days.
  • Delivery was free! And the painting arrived right at my door 🙂

Now the wonderful cityscape by Leonid Afremov hangs in my bedroom. It is painted mainly in shades of black, grey and white, just as I like 🙂 However, there are also many other, much more colorful paintings on his site! You should really check it out!